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We all come across times where we don’t have the budget to buy the license of our latest windows version. For such days, we bring you the ultimate solution to your budget problems. The KMSPico activator is totally free of cost and available on the web for installation. It is a tool that allows you to activate your windows and MS Office. Regardless of what windows version you are on, with a few clicks, you can activate your windows for free. The activation stays for a lifetime and you can use the premium windows features. The tool guarantees the same user experience as someone who buys the windows license from Microsoft. Therefore, it is time to revolutionize the way you have been using Microsoft products at your office or home. This article brings you a comprehensive guide about the key features of KMSPico, its installation process, and the uninstallation process; got any questions? Hold on. The article also answers any possible questions you might be having at the end. you can download Kmspico from here

What Is The KMSPico?

Have you been struggling to activate your Microsoft products? You have ended up in the right place. We bring you a complete solution to your licensing problems. The KMSPico Activator will help you access the premium features of your Microsoft products without spending a penny because its best activator that you can use . The KMSPico Activator is a key management system that enables you to enjoy full access to Microsoft products such as Windows and Microsoft Office.

TeamDaz who have proven their mettle in the world of software development professionally develops the software. KMSPico Activator is also known as Windows 10 Activator. Some other software developed by TeamDaz include KMSAuto and Windows 7 Loader.

Perks of Using KMSPico Activator

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to activate multiple Microsoft products
  • Can work offline

Want to learn more about KMS activator and all that it brings? Download it today and get rid of the worries of product activation.

How Does KMSPico Activator Work?

After you download KMSPico , Kmspico Activator works discretely behind the mainstream windows platform. It replaces the volume license key with the original outdated key and avoids online activation. Therefore, the windows cannot connect to the online server and continues to work with the replaced activator. The KMSPico Activator is usually used to pirate the older versions of MS Office and Microsoft windows.

Worried about the legal aspects? The KMSPico usually doesn’t violate any terms and conditions prescribed by Microsoft itself. It is a simple tool that helps in the activation of windows as well as other Microsoft products such as MS Office.

Therefore, it is time to benefit from KMSPico and activate your windows or office without emptying your pockets.

Key KMSPico Features

  • Genuine License – This is the same as paying for a Microsoft license; you can use
  • all the premium features such as windows update, online apps, and customization options for free.
  • 100% Clean – The KMSpico does not contain any type of virus or malware; it is 100%
  • safe, guaranteeing your system’s overall safety.
  • Free – Don’t we all love free stuff? The KMSPico Activator saves you hundreds of dollars by bringing you premium features free.
  • Lifetime Activation – You will get lifetime activation; this is not a trial base; once you
  • activate your windows, it lasts for a lifetime.
  • Support 32 Bit / 64 Bit – KMSPico supports 32 Bit / 64 Bit versions of Windows. Hence, you can use it regardless of what type of system you are working on.

Supported Product Versions

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Vista
  • MS office 2016
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007
  • Office 365
  • Office 2013

KMSPico Activator supports the above-mentioned versions of Windows and MS Office. The software also keeps updating in order to stay functional as Microsoft releases new versions of its products.

How to Download KMSPico Activator

Still, wondering how you can get your hands on the latest KMSPico Activator? Here is a detailed guide on the process. Following these steps accurately will allow you to enjoy full access to the premium features of Windows and MS Office.

Step 1:

First things first, turn off the firewall and your system’s antivirus program. This is necessary since your antivirus and the firewall identify the software as a virus (which is not the case).


windows-and-office-activator KMSpico Activator 2021


Follow the below-mentioned steps to deactivate your virus protection in Windows 10.

Search for protection and open Virus and Threat Protection


download-kmspico-ms-office-activator KMSpico Activator 2021

Now click on Virus & Threat Protection Settings.

windows-activator KMSpico Activator 2021

And then turn off Real-Time Protection.

ms-office-activator KMSpico Activator 2021

Step 2:

After successfully disabling the windows firewall and antivirus program, download KMSPico from our website. In case you come across any broken links, inform us and it will be updated in the first priority.

Step 3:

After you finish Download Kmspicoa , install the program like any other software.

  • When your installation is completed just go to the installation directory. (You will find the directory in C/ProgramFiles/KMSPico (x84 or x32) C/ProgramFiles(x84)/KMSPico (x64).
  • Now look for the KMSeldi.exe and double click on it to open.
  • Run it anyway if it asks for the administrator privilege.



Step 4:

Now a new window will pop up and you will see a red button.


Just click on that red button and it will take only a few seconds to complete activation. When it completes you will hear a voice saying ProgramComplete!


That’s it, now you have activated the windows Successfully.

To Check your activation just simply right-click on My Computer and then go to Properties.

Activating Microsoft Office

Activating Microsoft Office is very simple. Just open one of the Office applications such as MS Excel or Word. Next, follow the above-mentioned steps as it is. If followed properly, you will be able to activate your MS Office. Upon successful activation, restart your system to have the optimal results.


Highlights of KMSPico Activator

The KMSPico software comes with several benefits that bring it to the top of the list when it comes to windows activators. Here are a few highlights of the product and why you should download KPSPico Activator over any other software.

  • Free to use for a lifetime.
  • It takes up less space on your system.
  • Minimum ROM required is 5 Mb.
  • Threats, virus, and malware-free tools.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • No scam, 100% original product.
  • For both 32/64 bit operating systems.
  • Supports multiple versions of Windows and MS Office.

However, while installation, make sure you turn the windows firewall and the antivirus on immediately after the setup completes. Otherwise, your PC might be vulnerable to viruses and hacking attempts.


Frequently Asked Question[FAQs]

  1. Is KMS Activator Safe?

    Yes, if you are one of those users who worry a lot about the security of their systems, then KMSPico is safe to use, it is malware-free, and you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data.

  2. Can I Delete It After Activation?

    If you have storage-related limitations, you can delete the software after the completion of the activation process. However, make sure that your products have been properly activated before uninstalling the KMSPico. The uninstallation can be carried out by following the above-mentioned steps.

  3. For how long will the activation be valid?

    Once you activate the windows using KMSPico, you will enjoy full access for a lifetime. The activation stays forever since KMSPico keeps getting new updates along with Microsoft’s products.

  4. How To Remove KMSPico From Computer

    Removing the KMSPico Activator from your PC is simpler than the installation process. Here is a step-by-step guide to uninstall the KMSPico Activator from your PC:

    1 Uninstall the KMSPico Activator in the add or remove programs menu.
    2 Delete the KMSPico Activator from Firefox and Google Chrome.
    3 Remove the registry files permanently to get rid of any remaining files.

    Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to uninstall KMSPico Activator from your windows.



Henceforth, if you are someone who wants to use the premium windows features but can’t spend hundreds of dollars on buying Microsoft products, download the KMSPico tool today. Not only will it allow you to activate your Windows or the MS Office suite, but also keep the license forever. Therefore, you will relieve yourself from the worries of expiring products for a lifetime. It is completely free and can be installed by following a simple installation procedure. The software is readily available across various websites on the web. To be on the safe side, you can download it from the above-mentioned official website of KMSPico.